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The Customer Billing module allows users to customize their bills and billing cycles to fit the special needs of their company. Stringent controls have been developed to detect any billing errors and to provide assurance that all customers are billed properly.

  • Permits Toll only or Calling Card only billing
  • Automatically applies toll charges
  • Allows addition of Optional Calling Plans (OCPs).
  • Supports date sensitive rate schedules
  • Automatically applies Other Charges and Credits (OC&Cs) to Billing Master File
  • Automatically applies Taxes (20 user-defined tax types available)
  • Permits subdivision of Universal Service and Equipment codes (USECs) by percentages to multiple General Ledger Accounts
  • Separates bills by each of the following:
    • Postal Rate Categories (Zip Code and Weight)
    • Internal Bills
    • Requested Hold Out Bills
  • Allows creation of Package/Bundle discounts across product lines
  • Supports bill bar coding to zip+4 for reduced postal rates and reduced delivery time
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